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Learn how to beat cholesterol the natural way with heart-friendly foods. You can lower your cholesterol effectively and enjoy your food at the same time. This is your DIY guide to better cholesterol numbers and eating for health.

A great team – Nicole teamed up with fabulous foodie colleague and friend Veronica Cuskelly to ensure the recipes to support the facts are delicious, simple and approachable.

Nicole Senior is a dietitian and nutritionist with the facts at her fingertips and a great sense of humour. She writes easily and naturally communicates her passion for good food and healthy eating. It is a pleasure to work with Nicole — her copy always meets the brief and barely needs the editor’s red pen”.
Philippa Sandall, Philippa Sandall Publishing Services

This is not just another diet or cook book. The authors are well qualified and have incorporated the most recent evidence about fats and nutrients into this well set out book…Nicole and Veronica present excellent tips for meals that will fit into our busy lifestyles. Whether you have a cholesterol problem now or are interested in preventing heart disease there is something in this book for you”.
Dr David Sullivan, physician and pathologist, Sydney

“…Nicole Senior and Veronica Cuskelly understand the importance of motivating readers to restore a healthy eating and exercise pattern by providing positive messages and understandable advice. Their recommendations concerning diet are well researched and up to date… They also include important information about the quantities of food which helps readers to avoid the tendency we all have to over-eat. Eat to beat cholesterol provides a logical progression from scientific reasons to individual menus and practical recipes. It provides a very useful resource for health-conscious members of the public who need to deal with cardiovascular risk factors”.
Sandra Capra AM, PhD, FDAA, Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics, University of Technology Queensland (previously, the University of Newcastle)

Nicole Senior, a dietitian committed to good nutrition, and Veronica Cuskelly an award winning food writer have put their clever heads together to share their beliefs, backed up by concrete knowledge that food is the best medicine…The information is sound, easy to understand and best of all it an interesting read – for me a real page turner, not usual in a book of this nature. Congratulations all round”.
Margaret Fulton OAM, famous Australian cookery writer and national living treasure (RIP)


Tired of seeing and hearing so much misinformation about food and nutrition, Nicole decided to get even by writing a fascinating collection of food myths and busting them. If you think healthy eating has become all too hard, this book is a breath of fresh air and will help you focus on what really counts to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet; a fascinating and enlightening read.

Just wanted to let you know I am currently reading “Food Myths” and I am loving it! I am studying for a Diploma in Nutrition at the moment and my current assignment is on the restrictions of low fat and low carb diets.  Your book hits the nail on the head as far as I’m concerned. I love the way it is informative, witty and easy to understand for the general public. I can’t believe people still can’t see how unhealthy and unrealistic these restrictive diets are in the long term and it infuriates me that people use them to make money and, as you say, regularly feature on best seller lists!
Amy, United Kingdom

Hi Nicole, I recently acquired a copy of your new book – Food Myths. I have read some sections several times already and I love the bite size sections, all in all a great read.
Pete, Derby, UK


Despite the fact that women worry about it more, it’s the men who often need the most help with managing a healthy weight, or rather, waist.

This straight-talking, no-nonsense but very practical book aims to tell blokes how to feed themselves properly to fit better in their trousers. It includes easy recipes blokes will love as well as tips on shopping and eating out, keeping fit and why busting their belly is important for health, vitality and energy.

Also available as an ebook on Amazon.


Heart Food shows you how to make heart-friendly food taste delicious with a minimum of fuss and is endorsed by the Heart Research Institute.

Despite great leaps forward in medicine, cardiovascular disease is still the main cause of death in Australia. Much of it is preventable but, alarmingly, it is on the increase again after years of decline. It is affecting younger and younger people and the beginnings of blood vessel damage are now present in childhood. How do we turn this problem of premature death and chronic illness around? How do we keep people healthy and productive for longer? The best cure is prevention and the best prevention is a healthy diet and regular physical activity. The recipes in this book remind us that eating to look after your heart can be tasty and appealing. The supporting information is helpful in explaining the most important nutritional and lifestyle factors. The authors have also been mindful to also consider the deeper meaning of food and the positive role it plays in our everyday lives. Sharing food with those we care about is a pleasure and ensuring that we serve the right food makes meals beneficial in every way…”
Professor Philip J Barter MBBS PhD FRACP, Director, Heart Research Institute